New Mexico’s Consumer-Oriented Laws for Manufactured Homes

New Mexico Manufactured Home Regulations

New Mexico has some of the most consumer oriented laws in the country regarding manufactured homes. These regulations cover everything from construction and safety standards to homeowner-park owner relations.

Before you move your manufactured home, it must be titled just like a vehicle. A Request to Change Valuation Status must be completed and signed by the assessor.

Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards

Manufactured homes must meet Federal standards in areas like design, construction, safety and durability. These standards are known as the HUD Code and they are more stringent than most state or local building codes. Every manufactured home that meets these standards is given a red and silver label that certifies it.

These standards are not to be confused with the requirements in the Manufactured Home Procedural and Enforcement Regulations that stipulate how inspections of manufactured homes must be conducted and supervised.

Several commenters suggested that the definition of “attached accessory buildings or structures” should include the information available on the Data Plate about whether the home is designed to support an attached carport or other structure. One commenter expressed concern that a policy that includes this type of information in the construction and safety standards could give one housing type an unfair competitive advantage. However, HUD disagreed with this point of view. It also agreed that these changes do not change the minimum construction and safety standards for the manufactured home.

Transporting Your Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes cost less than single-family houses that are built on site, making them ideal for moderate- and lower-income potential buyers. Land costs, however, add to the cost of a manufactured home as homeowners must either rent space in mobile home parks or purchase real estate for their homes’ resting spots.

Aside from the fact that they are affordable, mobile or manufactured homes offer several benefits that traditional homes do not. These include the ability to transport the home, which can be a significant benefit if you ever need to relocate your family.

The process of moving your manufactured home is easier than you might think. However, it does require a full-service move company that can disconnect the utilities from your old home and reconnect them at the new location. The professionals can also ensure that your mobile or manufactured home is safely and securely transported to its new site. The process can take a few days to complete.

Buying a Manufactured Home in New Mexico

A manufactured home is a great option for New Mexico buyers looking to get more bang for their housing dollar. Manufactured homes meet stringent construction and safety standards and are environmentally friendly. They can also save homeowners money on energy costs because they are built in a factory setting where energy efficiency is incorporated.

When buying a manufactured home, it is important to make sure the dealer titles the home properly as personal property BEFORE moving it onto its foundation and taking off the tongue and axles that allow for movement on the highways of New Mexico. This requires a new title with all the usual requirements for a new title, including proof that the home is free of recorded liens and encumbrances and a request from the valuation authority to deactivate the title and assess it as real property.

Manufactured homes offer a variety of floor plan options and can be custom designed to fit the buyer’s needs. The buyer can find a Clayton and independent manufactured home retail store in their area to purchase the home that is perfect for them.

New Mexico Manufactured Housing Association

NM MHC’s activities focus on education, advocacy and community building. Its work includes overseeing New Mexico’s regional housing authorities, which handle weatherization and rental subsidies. Since MFA took over oversight of the authority system in 2007, there has been no waste or misspending.

MFA is also active in promoting affordable housing opportunities for Native Americans and other minority groups through its tribal housing program. The organization has helped revitalize communities and improved the lives of thousands of families, and its staff have built strong relationships with tribal leaders.

If you’re buying a manufactured home, it’s best to learn about regulations, permits and processes before making a purchase. Fortunately, New Mexico has some of the most consumer-oriented laws in the country concerning the construction and installation of a manufactured home. You should also familiarize yourself with the Mobile Home Park Act and other important information that can help protect your rights. This is especially true if you’re considering installing a home in a park.

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